RF Semiconductor Ltd - Low Cost High Quality RF Repair Service
Advanced Energy, Comdel, MKS, ENI, Anelva, Huettinger, Seren, Henry Radio, rf generator refurbishment
provides a high quality, low cost RF Repair service with a quick turn around.
We currently serve the Semiconductor, Solar (PV) and PCB industries world wide, supporting advanced energy, comdel, LAM, ENI, Huettinger, MKS, Daihen, Anelva, Henry Radio, RFS, matching networks and RF generators.
We repair - RF generators, DC generators, Low Voltage PSUs, RPS units, MFC, Baratron and matching networks made by the following -
Advanced Energy, LAM, Comdel, SET, RFS, ENI, MKS,  rf match refurbishmentRF GENERATOR REPAIR - Pillar, Westinghouse,  Adtec, Anelva, Diahen
Tegal 901, 902
Advanced Energy - RFG5500, RFG1250, RFG2000, RFG3000, RFDS1250, RFDS2000-2V and Novellus configuration.
Novellus - Microwave generator at 2.45GHz
Apex - Apex 10K, Apex 7K, Apex 3K
HFV8000, Top match (27MHz) and bottom match (2MHz), bias match, Iso match AZX10, AXZ
Advanced Energy AE RF Generator and RF Match - MDX5, MDX10, MDX20, MDX II, Pinnacle, PDX1400, PDX900, PDW2200,
Huttinger RF Generator, all models
ENI, RF Generator and RF Match - MKS, ACG3, ACG5, ACG10, GEW2527, GEW3040, GMW25, GHW25, GMW50, GHW50, Spectrum 110002, Spectrum 10513, OEM12, OEM12B, OEM2000, OEM50, OEM28, OEM28B, MHW5, MW10, MW10D, MW25D, MWD25LD, MWD55LD, MWM25, Nova 25, Nova 50
Comdel RF Generator and RF Match - CDX600, CDX1250, CDX2000, CX600, CX1250, CX2000, CLF500, CLF1000, CLF2000, CLX1250S, CLX2000, CLX2500, CPC500, CPC1000, CPS1001, CPS3000
LAM RF Generator and RF Match  , AZX90, AZX1000, Mini match
Plasmatherm, Plasmalock, PL2 HF, Henry Radio, 2000D, 3000D
Seren R601, RF Generator and RF Match, RPS, RFS Source match, Bias match
Tokio Electron RF Match  - 5KW and 10KE matches.
RFPP -  RF10, RF10S, RF5, LF10, RF20, RF30, RF50
Sairem, Baratron Guages, Mass Flow Controllers MFC and many more, so give us a call if you need any help. 
ETO and HDP rack sub modules repaired e.g. SSD, Microwave controllers, Watt meters etc
ETO SSD ARX490, RF amplifier
Telephone - +44 1236 43555
Mobile      - +44 7944 362078